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kabbalah Jewelry > necklaces > The Ain Bet Necklace -Moonstone-ההע

The Ain Bet Necklace -Moonstone-ההע
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The Ain Bet Necklace -Moonstone-ההע Description:


For unconditional love- ההע

(אשירה לה כי גאה גאה  (שמות טו, 21

 75 מתכות -ההע- כתב ראשי



The stone is white with shades of gray, blue and brown. It is considered the stone of love and intimacy. Good for finding a partner. It sharpens the sense and provides balance. It eases despair and depression and absorbs stress. The moonstone is a yen female stone and symbolizes the moons energies, therefore is empowers the feminine side of both sexes. The stone can be charged by exposure to moonlight.

Pendant with a chain silver 925 with a chain
The Pendant weights 6.5 gr.
The Pendant diameter 23 mm

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